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Get Lucky

Date: 17th June 2011| Category: Acting on my impulses

"Gee you’re so lucky"

How many times have you heard that and thought, ‘well that’s not fair I worked my butt off to get where I am today’. They're assuming that it’s all through luck. It reminded me of a time in my life when I used to go fishing. Fishing was mostly about hanging with friends and shooting the breeze, but for one of my friends in my early 20’s it was tradition that was passed down from his Slavic roots. He had learned well from his dad and was the envy of Cunningham pier.
It’s a comment we heard often as the pier walkers browsed the buckets of the many that fished there. “Gee mate you’re lucky look at all those fish”. To which he would reply, “ain't luck mate its skill”. In some ways it would seem that luck did have a part to play, especially as the pier was lined with many people fishing, surely there all not that unlucky. When the trevally where on the run there was plenty for all and they were pretty hungry, still the amount of people that could catch them in abundance was small. I soon learned that there was no trickery, or luck, or even special equipment and in no time, I was catching fish as well as my friend although i could only manage 2 rods and he could manage 4.
So what’s the difference between us and the others that fished the same pier? Well straight up it’s not about luck. Well in this example the key factors in success were, the right bait, the right hook, the tide and weather conditions, having your hook at the rights depth, being in the right position on the pier and finally setting the hook and landing your fish. So you can see that when you get the fish to the bucket for all to see it’s not about luck at all.
Does this happen in other areas of life, it does for me. Do you look to life to show you the clues for success? Or are you to proud to be directed by feedback from your universe on how to create abundance in your life. The other way to do it is like the many other fishers on the pier that just chuck in a line with a piece of bait and hope for the best, they mostly went home hungry.
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Comment By: Midge on 21st October 2011

It's like you're on a mssiion to save me time and money!