Warren Scott HollandM.A.C.A.

Therapeutic tools

Here's where you can have access to some introductory therapeutic resources.  What we hope for with ACT therapy is to show you, rather than tell you technically or intellectually.  ACT does not suggest that your thoughts, feelings, sensations and memories will go away, rather it helps you to have them and still choose to live a full and valued meaningful  life.  Learning to live with our distress is to live in the present, defused from our unhelpful senses and committed to valued actions.    One of Australia and the world's most reknown and influential ACT theorist is Dr Russ Harris here he puts it in a non technical way that is consumable for minds that sometimes crave understanding.

As it is with any change it requires, hmm let me break it to you gently!! Change.  The continued practice and integration of such change is in your hands.  So who is the most Inflential person in your life?  Who is going to determine how well this theory works?  Who is going to distract you from the focus you need?  Yes you guessed it, it's YOU.  So as we say here at ready2act, "Success Leaves Clues".  Try this exercise from Australian ACT Psychologist. Julian McNally, it is very helpful with difficult or persistent thoughts.