Warren Scott HollandM.A.C.A.

Addictions Counselling

If you're Ready 2 ACT, we are ready to help you overcome your addiction.

Working toward reducing harm and modifying behaviour can be the first steps toward overcoming an addiction and eventually abstinence; however some people simply aim to reduce their reliance on addictive behaviour.

People who manage to change their addictive behaviour are more likely to have an attitude that is accepting of the fact that they are addicted, but they can change their habits.

"I am addicted … I want this to change."

With ACT, recovery from addiction is best viewed as a process and a continuum. Relapse is seen as an accepted part of their curative process, and is used a learning experience. This approach helps save heartache and self-disappointment, which can trigger the addiction. Instead, relapse is used as motivation and a positive force.

I have been seconded to work at Habitat Therapeutics.  They have a range of treatments available for Addiction available please see the Current work page for more details. 

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