Warren Scott HollandM.A.C.A.

About Us

Warren Holland is a professionally trained Counsellor, who has spent more than 23 years working with young people, adults, families and teams to provide counselling in relationships, marriage guidance, anxiety, depression,  addictions, spritual guidance,  stress management and other areas of health & wellbeing.  Trauma informed care.      

Through ACT, Warren is focussed on assisting people to overcome negative thoughts and feelings that can interfere with living a rich, full and meaningful life. 

Always looking to grow professionally, personally and spiritually - Warren has undertaken personal development training with Insight Seminars Australia, self-help coach and author Anthony Robbins, Zoeros training and Development, Future Warrior, Psychotherapist's and Life Coaches,  Dr Russ Harris, the Turning Point Drug and Alcohol Centre, and many others.

Warren considers Ready 2 ACT the culmination of all his work and training to date.

Contact Us or phone 0410 057 148 to speak to Warren about how ACT can help you rebalance your life.