Warren Scott HollandM.A.C.A.


ACT is based on a belief that anyone and everyone can live a rich and meaningful life.

ACT gives you the psychological skills and methods to effectively deal with painful thoughts and feelings. Once you’ve accepted these thoughts and feelings, and have trained your mind to address them – then they have much less impact and influence over your life.

ACT is based on six (6) core principles:

     1.     Cognitive Defusion - learn to step back and observe your thoughts, not be engulfed by them.

     2.     Acceptance - make room for negative thoughts and unpleasant feelings without avoiding or dwelling on them.

     3.     Contact with the Present Moment - be engaged in the ‘now’ without distraction of thoughts.

     4.     The Observing Self - your thoughts are not the essence of who you are.

     5.     Values - isolate the most important things in life and let them motivate you.

     6.     Commitment Action - set and achieve goals through effective action.

Through these six (6) principles ACT works to develop your psychological flexibility. Like any skill, it takes time to train your mind to handle overwhelming emotions.

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