Warren Scott HollandM.A.C.A.


For some, helping others is a vocation - and often there are issues and situations that confront us every day, causing us concern for others that is personally difficult to manage. This can lead to burn-out, decreased job satisfaction and poor work performance.

There are four (4) forms of ACT that can help keep professionals focussed and balanced:

  • Professional Supervision – this form of ACT therapy allows professionals to resolve issues and dilemmas presented to them at their workplace. 
  • Staff Supervision – professional support to assist staff in reducing their stress. 
  • Personal and Team Development – where ACT is used to improve employee performance and productivity. 
  • Work Place Training – Tailored Community Services for your workforce.

Professional Supervision

Regular ACT Supervision gives professionals the chance to talk to an experienced ACT professional to clarify and resolve the issues that have arisen through their work experience in helping others. This process has been found to reduce the risk of burn-out, enhance work performance, better career/professional development mapping and increased job satisfaction.

Ready 2 ACT works with professionals such as counsellors, social workers, drug and alcohol workers, and mental health workers in:

  • Hospitals 
  • Community Health Centres 
  • Schools 
  • Local, State and Federal government departments 
  • Centres Against Sexual Assault 
  • Non-government organisations 
  • Students Services 
  • Sole Practice
Professional supervision happens outside the workplace in a confidential setting.

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Staff Supervision

Professional support by a qualified counsellor can assist staff in reducing their stress and enhancing the quality of professional services provided to clients.

Staff Supervision can be provided to individuals and groups, and incorporates debriefing, education and consultancy.

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Personal and Team Development

Stress has become accepted as a daily part of life; however it can make it difficult to create a balance that allows you to focus on the values that REALLY matter.

ACT Personal and Team Development can offer support, to individuals and groups, by guiding them to live more purposefully while manoeuvring through the journey of life.

Ready to ACT has several one-day programs to that give employees a sharpened sense of the strengths and skills to propel them higher levels of effectiveness, success, performance and productivity.

Contact Us or phone 0410 057 148 to find out more about how to best support your team.

Workplace Training

Ready 2 ACT works with service providers such as Alcohol and Drug Treatment, Dual Diagnosis Programs, Schools, Community Centres, and other Welfare Community Agencies, to increase awareness and skills. Topics such as;

  • ACT therapy for welfare workers.
  • Screening and Brief Intervention 
  • Addiction Severity 
  • Treatment Planning 
  • Drug Addiction and Basic Counselling Skills 
  • Motivating Clients for Treatment and Addressing Resistance 
  • Cognitive Behavioural and Relapse Prevention Strategies 
  • Addiction Basics 
  • Opiates & Pharmacotherapy 
  • Working with Co Morbidity, Women, Men and Youth 
  • Improving Client Access and Retention 
  • Clinical Supervision Techniques 
  • Or Contact Us to discuss designing a program to suit your agency. We have access to Registered Training Agencies to provide training in. 
  • Cert IV in Alcohol & Other Drugs/ Mental Health 
  • Diploma in Counselling/ Alcohol & Other Drugs/ Mental Health